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The DemList Calendar

The interactive DemList Calendar offers a free forum for all Dems and allied organizations to promote their official or unofficial Party, campaign, convention, policy, webinar, fundraising, union and voter events.  Submitted events are verified and posted to the appropriate state page.

State Pages are set-up for each state and the territories with the state party link, US and state elected officials, and a calendar and list view for events.

The only comprehensive, one-stop source of its kind,  the Calendar also provides dates, details & deadlines for:

  • Presidential Primaries & Caucuses          Congressional & Gubernatorial Elections
  • Presidential Debate Schedule                     State Legislative Sessions
  • Democratic Convention                                  State-by-State Voter Registration
  • US Congress Schedule                                      Early-Vote & Vote-by-Mail Deadlines

DemList is the recommended calendar and resource by Convention Committee Staff for the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia July 25-28, 2016.