DemDaily: The Battle for Control of the Senate

April 25, 2016
The presidential may be consuming the headlines, but the outcome of the contest for the US Senate may be equally as significant.
Republicans control the US House 246 to 188 (with one vacancy left by Speaker John Boehner's departure),and the US Senate 54 seats to the Dems' 46 (including 1 independent).
While Democrats are not expected to take the House, they do have a chance of taking back the Senate - and with it, control of the next Supreme Court appointment.
The 2016 Top Ten Senate Races that could swing the US Senate and, potentially the Presidential and the Supreme Court
Senate Seat 2016 Presidential
Arizona McCain (R, Running for Re-election) Republican
Colorado Michael Bennett (D, Running for Re-election) Battleground
Florida Rubio (R, Retiring) Battleground
Illinois Mark Kirk (R, Running for Re-election) Democrat
Missouri Roy Blunt (R, Running for Re-election) Republican
New Hampshire Ayotte (R, Running for Re-election) Battleground
Nevada Reid (D, Retiring) Battleground
Ohio Portman (R, Running for Re-election) Battleground
Pennsylvania Patrick Toomey (R, Running for Re-election) Battleground
Wisconsin Ron Johnson (R, Running for Re-election) Democrat
Republicans have 24 seats up in November and Democrats 10.
Of the 34, 10 are considered competitive and key to winning or losing the upper chamber and -- as 7 are presidential battleground states -- potentially the White House.
We will keep you informed as the battles unfold!
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Kimberly Scott
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