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This Democratic Convention was one of the most well-produced and substantive in history, shining the spotlight on stage and behind the scenes on the work and faces of people from every community.

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Hours before First Lady Michelle Obama was scheduled to take the stage on Monday night, Democracy in Color - a new digital magazine focused on race and politics - was already making history by convening the first event at a Democratic Convention to celebrate the political power of women of color.

The electrifying luncheon, titled "Women of Color: Uniting the Party, Leading the Country," drew more than 300 attendees to the standing-room-only hall at Loews Philadelphia Hotel.

-- Steve Phillips, Founder, Democracy in Color, PowerPAC+ and author of New York Times bestseller "Brown is the New White."

"Women of color are usually the indispensable but too often unsung heroes of the movement. Our speakers are local leaders and rising stars. They represent the best and brightest of the New American Majority.

Outstanding Women of Color Speakers

Stacey Abrams: House Minority Leader, Georgia General Assembly & State Representative
Nina Turner: former Ohio State Senator & Minority Whip
Lucy Flores: former Representative, Nevada State Assembly & 2016 Congressional Candidate
Jane Kim: Member, San Francisco's Board of Supervisors & a 2016 State Senate candidate
Alida Garcia: Exec Director, Inclusv, which advocates for increased diversity in the progressive infrastructure
Rida Hamida: President, Arab American Chamber of California

Abrams,Turner, Flores, Garcia, Hamida, Kim & Host Aimee Allison

Links: Check out the wrap-up video, the event video, an event article and the podcast about the launch!

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