DemDaily: Ds and Rs: What We Have in Common

Bi-Partisan Popularity

April 9, 2018

It turns out there are some areas where Democrats and Republicans shar e common interests.

Sunday's Meet The Press featured a rundown on television shows that are most popular among the political parties, and the preferences for top entertainment shows are remarkably similar.

The ratings were gathered through consumer surveys by Simmons Research from the 2017 television season.

The shows that breach the divide?  Big Bang TheoryAmerica's Got Talent60 Minutes and NCIS.  HGTV's "how to" shows also scored big with Fixer UpperProperty Brothers and House Hunters showing up in the top ten for both.

Democrat Animal
Republican Animal
Show  Network Show Network
1 Big Bang Theory CBS Fixer Upper HGTV
2 Fixer Upper HGTV Big Bang Theory CBS
3 America's Got Talent NBC American Pickers History
4 60 Minutes CBS Property Brothers HGTV
5 Property Brothers HGTV NCIS CBS
6 House Hunters HGTV House Hunters HGTV
7 NCIS CBS Flip or Flop HGTV
8 Criminal Minds CBS 60 Minutes CBS
9 Law & Order: SVU NBC America's Got Talent NBC
10 American Ninja Warrior NBC Blue Bloods CBS
Most popular entertainment shows by Political Party

When the research was broken down by index, or most likely to watch, Democrats trended toward shows that feature African-Americans and related issues, as well as political satire.  Those highlighted included EmpireBlack-ishLast Week Tonight with John OliverVEEP, and Saturday Night NBA Basketball.

By contrast, Last Man Standing, about a conservative store worker whose values are challenged, was at the top of the Republican index, along with shows like Antique Road ShowSurvivor, and College Football.

Just a snapshot of cable and network television viewing habits, but shows there is at least a few hours of the week where we may agree!

Connecting you to The Party
Connecting you to Each Other

Kimberly Scott

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