DemDaily: #PledgeOfLiberation

May 5, 2017


Please join the Women's March and partner organizations nationwide for a day-of-action on Monday, May 8th!

The Women's March on Washington inspired more than five million people worldwide to march in solidarity January 21st, to send the message to the new Administration that women's rights are human rights and that, as a people, we will not tolerate those who practice policies of prejudice and division.

They have since harnessed the energy and activism of that day into a series of 10 actions over the administration's first 100 days -- ending with a Pledge of Liberation and allegiance to protect all our communities as part of a collective fight for dignity, justice and freedom.

As a proud partner of WMW, DemList encourages you to join in next Monday's final action to protest the #LicenseToDiscriminate Executive Action and the impact of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act on women and femmes of all backgrounds, nationwide.

Tune into Tonight's Webinar at 6pm EST Friday
to help you prepare for the #PledgeOfLiberation Day of Action on May 8th
and how to effectively and safely participate in direct action and nonviolent resistance

Click Here to Sign the Pledge of Liberation. Encourage your friends, family, and community members to do the same.

Download the Pledge of Liberation Toolkit for action items, organizing, the dos and don'ts of civil disobedience and other FAQs.

Hold a demonstration either inside or outside of your congressperson's in-district office. Collectively read the Pledge of Liberation and our unity principles out loud. Find a Demonstration near you.

Get the word out! Social Media Toolkit.

Have a good weekend. March on!

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Kimberly Scott

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