DemDaily: The Money Race

May 12, 2016
The 2016 Presidential will be the most costly in history, in no small part due to the 2010 Citizens United and the subsequent 2014 McCutcheon Supreme Court rulings. Collectively they rolled back campaign finance limits on corporations, individual and party committees, launched an error of unbridled fundraising in political campaigns.
The decisions altered the way elections are funded and fought, and set the stage for the unprecedented influence of joint committees and "super PACs," which have contributed millions to the 2016 contest.
On April 20th the Presidential candidates, and the super PACs supporting them, filed their finance reports with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) -- detailing their fundraising, expenditures and cash-on-hand throughout the month of April.
Figures for super PACs and other groups include money raised and spent by super PACs, 501(c)(4) nonprofits and 527s associated with a single presidential candidate.
Total Raised
Total Spent
Cash on Hand
Super PACS & Other Groups
Hillary Clinton $186.7M
$29.0M $7.6M $262.7

Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump
$2.1M $2.1M
Source: New York Times & Open Secrets
Collectively, all original 24 presidential candidates, their allied PACs and groups, have spent more than $1 billion in the race for the White House.  The remaining three (2 Dems, 1 Trump) have spent over $370 million collectively.
Other Fun Facts
- individuals can give up to $5,400 to candidates ($2,700 per primary & $2,700 per general) and up to $33,400 per year to national party committees
- 2/3 of Bernie Sanders donations are under $200
- Individual donors account for 70% of Hillary Clinton donors
- Trump has spent $36.2M on his own campaign
- Ted Cruz spent $10 per vote in Indiana and lost
- Newt Gingrich still owes over $4.6M from his failed 2012 run
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