DemDaily: The Status of the Presidency 5:00am

November 8/9, 2016
At 2:50am this morning Donald J. Trump took the stage to accept the US presidency.

Most of us are still reeling from the results, and subsequent concession by HRC, particularly with the results of several outstanding battleground states in play when going to sleep (if you have).
The four remaining states at 5:00am: Arizona (11 electoral votes), Michigan (16), Minnesota (10) and New Hampshire (4) are to be finalized, but won't alter the outcome.
If exit polls bear out, then the numbers should tally 
Clinton at 233 to Trump's 305
Obamas & Clintons Monday
The Republicans are also expected to maintain control of both the US House and Senate.
The fight, apparently, has just begun!
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Kimberly Scott
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