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March 27, 2018

Tracking the revolving door of current Trump Admnistration Cabinet members, senior White House Staff and Advisors (add Attorneys) is challenging, but the most recent string of shakeups at the White House begs for an update on the numbers.

48% of top White House positions have turned over since Trump took office, more than the first two years of the Obama or George W. Bush administrations. -- Brookings Institution Report1/2018

In the last month alone, resignations and fires include the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, the Director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn, White House Communications Director Hope Hicks and White House Secretary Rob Porter.

Among the most unsettling was the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe less than 24 hours before his official retirement date.  McCabe is cooperating with the Special Counsel's investigation.

Image: Los Angeles Times

Gone from the White House does not, however, mean gone from the public eye.  Many of the departed are expected to make appearances again before the Russia-Trump investigation is over.

While the turnover may ensure the President of loyalty within his ranks, the very public and often controversial nature of the departures continue to draw attention to a White House in purported chaos, and the instability of those at the helm.

To follow is just a sampling of the Key Departures:

Source: Business Insider

"I hope Trump finds out he is impeached on Twitter" - Rex Tillerson
as satired by Andy Borowitz of TheNewYorker

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Sources:  CNN Politics, Brookings, Business Insider, TheNewYorker

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