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September 22, 2016

TRENDING: Hillary's Times Op-Ed

The presidential election has inspired the formation of hundreds of outside groups - dedicated to supporting their candidates' platform and campaign through independent media, policy, fundraising and GOTV efforts.

MILLENNIALS:Tim Kaine Impresses Across Generations

At the national level these efforts are driven almost entirely by social media and the ability to effectively inform, engage and mobilize a target audience.
One of the most effective and substantive sites, Voices4Hillary, delivers on all fronts.

Amidst the wealth of talented campaigns advocating for HRC in our inboxes, Voices4Hillary offers real engagement tools, Facebook live and other video content you can't get elsewhere.

A communications initiative started by the volunteers of New York'sTheHillaryWeKnowGroup, Voices4Hillary helps curates original and republished content in pursuit of two main goals: First, to elect Hillary on November 8th, and Second, to support her through the years of her Presidency.
Their site resources include up-to-date articles and links highlighting the trending issues, organizing campaigns, millennial and voices of diversity online.

GET INVOLVED: Estás emocionado por la campaña de Hillary Clinton?

Check out the Voices4Hillary Website (and the DemList article!), follow them on Facebook Page and Twitter Page and Sign-Up for the upcoming info emails!

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