Under Attack and in Demand

June 29, 2017

It was not about any of the pressing issues facing our nation - the war in Syria, the Health Care bill, Immigration, North Korea or, of course, the Russia collusion investigation into Trump's own administration.

Instead, our President chose to send a sexist tweet about female news commentator Mika Brzezinski of NBC's  Morning Joe.

Trump Tweet Mika

Trump Tweet Mika





Rather than issue a formal statement, Brzezinski responded in-kind on twitter.

Although the public has been witness to Trump's countless personal attacks on other individuals, the temperamental tweeter has kept most of his opinions regarding women under wraps since February, when he infamously instructed veteran, african-american white house correspondent April Ryan to "set up a meeting" for him with her friends in the Congressional Black Caucus.

Mika Tweet to Trump

The Backlash to the Brzezinski tweet was immediate, as Twitter exploded with lawmakers, organizations and every-day citizens calling Trump out on the latest in a longer series of misogynistic comments. Among the key respondents were Republican Senators, who are already on offense on daily Trump actions.

On Trump Tweet

Trump Tweet Murkowski


Lindsey Graham



Jeb Bush



Nancy Pelosi



orrin hatch





Susan Collins








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Sources: CNN and Google

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