DemDaily: Six States

June 6, 2016
Six of the seven remaining Presidential primaries and caucuses are tomorrow, including California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota.
While the media is focused on the presidential campaign, there are a few other contested races on the ticket in these states (note: federal and gubernatorial primaries are not always the same as presidential).
What's at Stake:
MonthDayPresidential Primary /Caucus# Dem DelegatesOther Major Races on State TicketPrimary TypeDem Races to WatchPolls Close
7TuesCalifornia Primary
US Senate, Congressional(53)Mixed
US Senate: Open (Barbara Boxer retiring): 50% win or top two, regardless of party, go to general election. Top Contenders: AttGen Kamala Harris, Rep Loretta Sanchez.
Top CDs: 17th: Rep Mike Honda v Ro Khanna.  24th:Open (LoisCapps/retiring). Nine candidates.
29th: Rep Tony Cardenas fmr LA City Councilman Richard Alarcon, David Guzman and Joe Shammas.  44th: Open (Janice Hahn/leaving). Top Contenders: Atty Nanette Barragan and StSen Isadore Hall.  46th: Open (Loretta Sanchez/leaving). Contenders: fmr StateSen Lou Correa, fmr StateSen Joe Dunn, GardenGroveMayor Bao Nguyen.
8 PM Pacific
Montana Primary27Gubernatorial, Congressional(1)OpenGubernatorial: Gov Steve Bullock v StRep Bill McChesney7 PM Mountain
New Jersey Primary142Congressional(12)MixedCDs: 1st: Rep. Donald Norcrossvs. Alex Law. 3rd: D PrimaryJim Keady v Frederick John Lavergne  8th: Rep Albio Sires v Eloy Delgado.8 PM Eastern
New Mexico Primary43Congressional(3)ClosedNo major contested primaries7 PM Mountain
North Dakota Democratic Caucus23Gubernatorial, US Senate, Congressional(1)ClosedNo major contested primariesBetween 7-9 PM Mountain
South Dakota Primary25US Senate, Congressional(1)
*Primary RunOff: August 16th
ClosedNo major contested primaries7 PM Mountain
14TuesDistrict of Columbia Democratic Primary45
8 PM Eastern

*A primary may be open (can vote in one of D or R primaries), closed (only registered party voters) or mixed (Semi-open or semi-closed, unaffiliated voters can choose to vote in either primary or can switch registration the day of voting).

On the Presidential front, the Total Count (with Superdelegates) stands at 2,360 for HRC, and 1567 for Sanders, putting Clinton just 23 delegates shy of the magic 2,383 to clinch the nomination. The race, however, is not presumed over as Sanders has announced his intentions to see it through to a contested convention in Philadelphia - just six weeks away.
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