DemDaily: Absentee Voting!

September 30, 2016

There are three main categories of voter participation in the US, all of which vary from state-to-state with regard to options, requirements and deadlines:

Traditional Voter Registration: Individuals who have registered to vote under their state's requirements (by party or open) and cast their ballot election day.

Early Voting: Where individuals have the option to vote in advance of election day, usually within 30 days, by mail or in person at a designated polling location.

Absentee Voting: Where an individual knows in advance they will be "absent" from their registered state of residence, and must request an absentee ballot to send in by mail before the election.

Absentee voting was first established in 1864 in nineteen states to allow Union troops in service to vote away from home, and is now an accepted option for voting in all US states.

30 states allow for no-excuse (no required reason) absentee voting, while 20 states require a valid or documented excuse when applying for a ballot.

Voting by mail has shown to increase voter participation significantly and there is a growing movement to make all forms of voting available by mail in each state. Three states - Colorado, Oregon, and Washington - have switched to mail-in ballots for all registered voters and mail voter's ballots automatically in advance of election day.

Absentee Voting: State-By-State Deadlines
Absentee Ballot Request Deadline
(By Mail)
Absentee Ballot Due Date
Alabama*November 3November 8
AlaskaOctober 29November 8
ArizonaOctober 28November 8
Arkansas*November 1November 8
CaliforniaNovember 1November 8
ColoradoSent AutomaticallyNovember 8
Connecticut*None. Recommend by October 9November 8
Delaware*November 4November 8
District of ColumbiaNovember 1November 8
FloridaNovember 2November 8
GeorgiaNovember 4November 8
HawaiiNovember 1November 8
IdahoOctober 28November 8
IllinoisNovember 3November 8
Indiana*October 31November 8
IowaNovember 4November 7
KansasNovember 4November 8
Kentucky*November 1November 8
Louisiana*November 4November 7
MaineNovember 3November 8
MarylandNovember 1November 8
Massachusetts*November 7November 8
Michigan*November 5November 8
MinnesotaNovember 7November 8
Mississippi*November 5November 7
Missouri*November 2November 8
MontanaNovember 7November 8
NebraskaOctober 28November 8
NevadaNovember 1November 8
New Hampshire*November 7November 8
New JerseyNovember 1November 8
New MexicoNovember 4November 8
New York*November 1November 7
North CarolinaNovember 1November 8
North DakotaNovember 7November 8
OhioNovember 5November 7
OklahomaNovember 2November 8
OregonSent AutomaticallyNovember 8
Pennsylvania*November 1November 4
Rhode Island*October 18November 8
South Carolina*November 4November 8
South DakotaNovember 7November 8
Tennessee*November 1November 8
Texas*October 28November 8
UtahNovember 3November 7
VermontNovember 7November 8
Virginia*November 1November 8
WashingtonSent AutomaticallyNovember 8
West Virginia*November 2November 8
WisconsinNovember 3November 8
WyomingNovember 7November 8
* Requires "valid excuse" for absentee voting
Those voting from overseas are subject to the laws of the US state where they are registered to vote. For information, visit Democrats Abroad and Federal Voting Assistance Program.
For more state-by-state voter deadlines and details, go to the DemList National Calendar.
We encourage all state directors, organizations, unions and candidates to submit your voter registration drives, phone banks, campaign and fundraising events to the Calendar.
38 Days to go. Get Out and VOTE!
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