DemDaily: The Cabinet, Confirmations & Controversy

January 10, 2017
The confirmation hearings for Trump's Cabinet kicked off this week, with no shortage of controversial nominees.
The President's Cabinet includes the heads of 15 Executive Departments, as well as six "Cabinet Level" positions and, with just 10 days until the January 20th Inauguration of the President-elect, the country can expect a grueling debate on the Senate floor and in the court of public opinion.
A nomination before the Senate is permitted unlimited debate until two-thirds of the Senate vote to invoke cloture, closing debate. The Senate then calls for a simple majority vote of 51 to confirm, reject or take no action on the nomination.
Scheduled Hearings This Week
Today: Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions, and Homeland Security Secretary nominee
General John Kelly. Ongoing.
Wednesday: Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Transportation nominee Elaine Chao
Thursday: Housing & Urban Development Secretary nominee Ben Carson, CIA Director nominee Mike Pompeo (non-Cabinet)
Trump Cabinet Nominees
Vice President of the United States Michael Pence Indiana Governor
Attorney General, Department of Justice Jeff Sessions US Senator (Alabama)
Secretary, Department of Agriculture To Be Determined -
Secretary, Department of Commerce Wilbur Ross Billionaire investor
Secretary, Department of Defense General James Mattis Retired Four-Star Marine General
Secretary, Department of Education Betsy DeVos Former Chairwoman of the Michigan GOP
Secretary, Department of Energy Rick Perry Former Texas Governor
Secretary, Department of Health & Human Services Tom Price Six-term Congressman (Georgia)
Secretary, Department of Homeland Security General John Kelly Retired Four-Star Marine General
Secretary, Department of Housing & Urban Development Ben Carson Neurosurgeon and former GOP Presidential Candidate
Secretary, Department of Interior Ryan Zinke First-term Congressman (Montana)
Secretary, Department of Labor Andrew Puzder CEO of CKE Restaurants
Secretary, Department of State Rex Tillerson President and CEO of Exxon Mobil
Secretary, Department of Transportation Elaine Chao Former Secretary of Labor
Secretary, Department of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin Former Goldman-Sachs Executive
Secretary, Department of Veterans Affairs To Be Determined -
Reminder: President Barack Obama will give his final farewell address to the nation Tonight @ 8:00pm CST. To watch the address, go to:
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