DemDaily: Campaign Calendar Countdown!

April 7, 2019

For our followers - an update on the key dates on the campaign calendar ahead.

2019 Off-Year Elections
*  3 Governors elections in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi
*  7 state legislative elections in Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia,
and the New Jersey General Assembly
*  77 legislative special elections (average per year)
*  14 major city Mayoral elections in  Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston,
Indianapolis, Jacksonville,
Kansas City (MO), Las Vegas, Memphis,
Philadelphia, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Tampa

The outcome of the 2019 elections will impact who controls the 2021 redistricting in each state, as either the Governor or the legislature, or an independent body, has ultimate control of the plan.

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Campaign Calendar Countdown

Pennsylvania's 12th CD Special Election: May 21st
DemList 2020 Convention Calendar: Goes Up in June!
First Democratic Presidential Debate: June 26th & 27th
Miami, Florida. Broadcast live on NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo
North Carolina's 3rd CD Special Election: July 9th

Second Democratic Presidential Debate: July 30th & 31st
Detroit, Michigan. Broadcast live on CNN
North Carolina's 9th CD Special Election: September 10th
2019 Election Day: November 5th

Iowa Caucuses: February 3rd
New Hampshire Primary:  February 11th
Nevada Caucuses: February 22nd
South Carolina Primary: February 29th
Super Tuesday (AL, CA, MA, NC, OK, TN, TX, VT, VA): March 3rd
Democratic National Convention: July 13th-16th
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Republican National Convention: August 24th-27th
Charlotte, North Carolina
2020 Election Day: November 3rd

Trump's Term Ends: January 20th

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