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Over the last two decades, multiple states have embraced new electronic voting systems, as well as methods for early voting.

Whether instituted voluntarily, by legislation, electoral mandate, or from pressure by advocacy and voting rights groups -- the end result has been an increase in early voting in Presidential elections -- from 7% in 1992 to 32% in 2012.

Early Voting is the process by which individuals vote in advance of the scheduled election day - usually by mail or in person at a designated polling location.

The goal of early voting is to increase voter participation, to remove barriers to voting for the handicapped, seniors and those constrained by work, and to minimize the crowds at polling stations.

Early Voting/In-Person: is allowed "without excuse" (no required reason) in 34 U.S. States and in the District of Columbia.

The starting dates are different for each state, but most begin within 30 days of election day, allowing voters to cast their ballot at designated polling locations before the election.

Early Voting is different from Absentee Voting - which is a separate voting method (usually by mail) for individuals who do not anticipate being in their state of residence on election day (Coming this Friday: DemDaily on Absentee Voting!).

Early Vote in Your State
Early Voting Period
By Mail
AlaskaOct 24-Nov 8YesNo
ArizonaOct 12-Nov 7YesNo
ArkansasOct 24-Nov 7YesNo
CaliforniaVaries by CountyYesNo
ColoradoOctober (upon receipt of mail ballot)Oct 24-Nov 8Yes
District of ColumbiaOct 22-Nov 4YesNo
FloridaOct 29-Nov 5YesNo
GeorgiaOct 17-Nov 7YesNo
HawaiiOct 25-Nov 5YesNo
IdahoOct 24-Nov 4YesNo
IllinoisSept 29-Nov 7YesNo
IndianaOct 11-Nov 7YesNo
IowaSept 29-Nov 7YesNo
KansasNov 1-Nov 8YesNo
LouisianaOct 25-Nov 1YesNo
MaineOct 10-Nov 7YesNo
MarylandOct 27-Nov 3YesNo
MassachusettsOct 24-Nov 4YesNo
MinnesotaSep 23-Nov 7YesNo
MontanaOct 10-Nov 7YesNo
NebraskaOct 3-Nov 7YesNo
NevadaOct 22-Nov 4YesNo
New HampshireN/ANoNo
New JerseyVaries by CountyYesYes
New MexicoOct 12-Nov 7YesNo
New YorkN/ANoNo
North CarolinaOct 20-Nov 5YesNo
North DakotaVaries by CountyYesVaries by County
OhioOct 12-Nov 7YesNo
OklahomaNov 3-Nov 5YesNo
October (upon receipt of mail ballot)
Rhode IslandN/ANoNo
South CarolinaN/AN/ANo
South DakotaSep 24-Nov 7YesNo
TennesseeOct 19-Nov 3YesNo
TexasOct 24-Nov 4YesNo
UtahOct 25-Nov 4YesVaries by County
VermontSept 23-Nov 7YesNo
WashingtonOctober(upon receipt of mail ballot)Oct 21-Nov 7Yes
West VirginiaOct 26-Nov 5YesNo
WisconsinVaries by CountyYesNo
WyomingSept 23-Nov 7YesNo
 If there are any updates or changes to this information, please let us know!
Those voting from overseas are subject to the laws of the US state where they are registered to vote.  For more information, visit the Democrats Abroad and Federal Voting Assistance Program websites.
For more voter deadlines and details, go to the DemList National Calendar & to your State Page!
We encourage all state directors, organizations, unions and candidates to submit your voter registration drives, phone banks, campaign and fundraising events to the Calendar for free promotion and coordination.
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