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September 25, 2018

Today is National Voter Registration Day and, with all that is at stake November 6th, we want to provide you with the tools, voter information and deadlines to cast your ballot in your state.

We are all paying the consequences for those who did not go to the polls in 2016.

Help take back our democracy. If you don't vote, you don't have a voice.

The Basics
In 49 States and the Territories, an eligible citizen must be registered to vote. North Dakota, which does not require voter registration ahead of an election, is the exception.

There are a number of ways to register to vote, in person, by mail or online at your local elections office, Department of Motor Vehicles or public assistance agencies. A citizen may also register through a third-party voter registration organization such as a political party or the League of Women Voters.

In most states there is a cutoff for registration somewhere between 3 and 30 days before the election, but 17 states and DC offer same day registration under specific circumstances.

To qualify to vote, you must be a US citizen, legal resident of the state where you are registered, and be 18 years old on or before election day. Depending on the state, court-ruled mental incompetency, a felony conviction or current incarceration may disqualify you. Citizens voting from abroad cast their ballots for candidates in the US state where they are registered.

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State By State Voter Registration Deadlines Prior To Election Day
StateIn-PersonBy MailOnlineElection
Day Reg (SDR)
Alabama15 Days before Election Day15 Days before Election Day15 Days before Election DayNo
Alaska30 Days30 Days30 DaysNo
American Samoa30 Days30 DaysN/ANo
Arizona29 Days29 Days29 DaysNo
Arkansas30 Days30 Days30 DaysNo
California15 Days 15 Days 15 Days Yes
ColoradoElection Day8 Days8 DaysYes
Connecticut7 Days7 Days7 DaysYes
Delaware4th Saturday before election4th Saturday before election4th Saturday before electionNo
District of ColumbiaElection Day21 Days21 DaysYes
Florida29 Days29 Days29 DaysNo
Georgia5th Monday before election5th Monday before election5th Monday before electionNo
Guam10 DaysN/AN/ANo
Hawaii29 Days29 Days29 DaysYes
IdahoElection Day25 Days25 DaysYes
IllinoisElection Day28 Days28 DaysYes
Indiana29 Days29 Days29 DaysNo
Iowa10 Days15 Days10 DaysYes
Kansas21 Days21 Days21 DaysNo
Kentucky29 Days29 Days29 DaysNo
Louisiana30 Days30 Days30 DaysNo
MaineElection Day21 DaysN/AYes
Maryland 21 Days21 Days21 DaysNo
Massachusetts20 Days20 Days20 DaysNo
Michigan30 Days30 DaysN/ANo
Minnesota Election Day21 Days21 DaysYes
Mississippi30 Days30 DaysN/ANo
Missouri4th Wednesday
before Election
4th Wednesday before Election4th Wednesday before ElectionNo
MontanaElection Day30 DaysN/AYes
Nebraska2nd Friday before Election3rd Friday before Election3rd Friday before ElectionNo
Nevada21 Days31 Days21 DaysNo
New HampshireElection Day10 DaysN/AYes
New Jersey21 Days21 DaysN/ANo
New Mexico28 Days28 Days28 DaysNo
New York25 Days25 Days25 DaysNo
North Carolina25 Days25 DaysN/ANo
North DakotaNo Registration RequiredNo Registration RequiredNo Registation RequiredNo Registration 
Northern Mariana Islands60 Days60 DaysN/ANo
Ohio30 Days30 Days30 DaysNo
Oklahoma25 Days25 DaysN/ANo
Oregon21 Days21 Days21 DaysNo
Pennsylvania30 Days30 Days30 DaysNo
Puerto Rico50 DaysN/AN/ANo
Rhode Island 30 Days30 Days30 DaysNo
South Carolina30 Days30 Days30 DaysNo
South Dakota15 Days 15 Days N/ANo
Tennessee30 Days30 Days30 DaysNo
Texas30 Days30 DaysN/ANo
Utah7 Days30 Days7 DaysYes
VermontElection DayElection DayElectionYes
Virgin Islands30 DaysN/AN/ANo
Virginia22 Days22 Days22 DaysNo
Washington8 Days29 Days29 DaysNo
West Virginia21 Days21 Days21 DaysNo
WisconsinElection Day20 Days20 DaysYes
WyomingElection Day14 DaysN/AYes
*Dates vary by source. If there are updates or corrections, please let us know.
Every vote counts!


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Sources:  National Council of State Legislators,, DNC, VoteSmart

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