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December 19, 2017

Deloros Huerta @ Netroots Nation


"We've got to make them understand ... every single person that is in this country, their people came from somewhere, their people were legalized at some point ... This has always been the policy of the United States of America. We're not asking for anything different from what has always been done."

-  Human Rights Activist Deloros Huerta

In challenging times we look for inspiration, role models, true heroes and leaders -- whose words can inspire, and whose stories can remind us of what is still possible.

'I'm going to be an astronaut.' I shared that dream with my parents, and to their credit, they allowed me to dream ... Once you answer the question that I'm doing everything at home to make sure my son succeeds or my daughter succeeds, then I think we can hold the public-school system accountable. But it starts at home."

 Jose Hernandez, Astronaut   



Henry Bonilla * Susan Castillo * Joaquín Castro * Francisco Cigarroa * Henry Cisneros * Virgilio P. Elizondo * Lily Eskelsen-García * Alberto Gonzales *  Carlos Gutiérrez * Luis Gutiérrez * José Hernández * María Hinojosa * Deloros Huerta * Mel Martínez * Robert Menéndez * Omar Minaya * Gloria  Molina * Richard  Montañez * Janet Murguía * Soledad O'Brien * Federico Peña * Tom Pérez * Bill Richardson * Adam Rodríguez * Ken Salazar * Julie Stav * Ken Salazar * María Elena Salinas * Ricardo Sánchez * Hilda Solis * Lionel Sosa * Leticia Van De Putte * Nydia Velazquez * Antonio Villaraigosa

Latino Leaders Speak: Personal Stories of Struggle and Triumph

"It was Chicago on the South Side in the 1960s. There was an organic understanding that the Civil Rights Movement existed ... My mother understood profoundly that this was part of who she was as a new American ... So, when I was in third grade, my mom wrote a letter to my teacher saying, 'My kids will not be in school today because we are going to see Martin Luther King speak.'"

- Maria Hinojosa, Producer, Author, Journalist


"Young people, live your life, stand out, regardless of what anybody thinks. Remember, creating history is just a matter of seeing and pursuing what others can't and won't."

- Richard Montanez, Pepsi Co Executive & Author


A project of the Latino Leaders Network, the book is co-edited by Mickey Ibarra and Maria Perez-Brown, and published by Arte Publico Press at the University of Houston.

Consider giving the gift of hope and inspiration this holiday season.


"Dream big, get prepared and get ready to lead."  Mickey Ibarra

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Personal Stories of Struggle and Triumph
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