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October 28, 2016

Republicans currently dominate control of state legislatures with a majority in 66% of the country's 98 partisan legislative chambers.

The presidential contest is expected to impact down ballot races nationwide and with it, control of state capitals. State legislatures are key to the voting process and redistricting and, with over 80% percent of the nation's 7,383 legislative seats up November 8th, the long-term repercussions are significant.

Republicans currently hold the majority in 67 of the country's 98 partisan legislative chambers, while Democrats have 31. Nebraska's single chamber is nonpartisan.

If the election of Hillary Clinton and the blue wave of 2016 comes to fruition, Democrats will not only tighten the partisan margins at the legislator level, but could flip control of 15+ state chambers.

In most states, House members serve two-year terms, and Senate 4-years - which means the class of 2016 will control the outcome of 2020 Congressional redistricting in their state.

Given the stakes, both parties are investing heavily in the statehouses and President Obama, whose approval rating is at 57%, has publicly endorsed 150 legislative candidates.

Chambers In the Balance: 16 states have one or both chambers within the technical margin of control, including in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. (bolded = presidential battleground)

2016 State Chambers & Party Control
Alabama72 R, 33 D26 R, 8 D, 1 ISafe R
Alaska23 R, 16 D, 1 I14 R, 6 DSafe R
Arizona36 R, 24 D18 R, 12 DTossup
Arkansas64 R, 35 D, 1 I24 R, 11 DSafe R
California52 D, 28 R26 D, 14 RSafe D
34 D, 31 R
18 R, 17 DLikely D
Connecticut87 D, 64 R21 D, 15 RSafe D
Delaware25 D, 16 R12 D, 9 RSafe D
Florida81 R, 39 D26 R, 14 DTossup
Georgia119 R, 60 D, 1 I39 R, 17 DLean R
Hawaii44 D, 7 R24 D, 1 RSafe D
Idaho56 R, 14 D28 R, 7 DSafe R
Illinois71 D, 47 R39 D, 20 RSafe D
Indiana71 R, 29 D40 R, 10 DLikely R
Iowa57 R, 43 D26 D, 23 R, 1 ITossup
Kansas97 R, 28 D32 R, 8 DSafe R
Kentucky53 D, 47 R27 R, 11 DSafe R
Louisiana60 R, 42 D, 3 I25 R, 14 DSafe R
Maine78 D, 69 R, 1 I20 R, 15 DLikely D
Maryland91 D, 50 R33 D, 14 RSafe D
Massachusetts126 D, 34 R34 D, 6 RSafe D
Michigan63 R, 47 D27 R, 11 DLikely D
Minnesota73 R, 61 D39 D, 28 RLikely D
Mississippi74 R, 48 D32 R, 20 DSafe R
Missouri117 R, 45 D, 1 I25 R, 9 DLikely R
Montana59 R, 41 D29 R, 21 DSafe R
Nebraska*nonpartisan unicameralnonpartisan unicameralSafe R
Nevada24 R, 17 D, 1 L11 R, 10 DLean D
New Hampshire237 R, 161 D, 1 L, 1 I14 R, 10 DLean D
New Jersey52 D, 28 R24 D, 16 RSafe D
New Mexico37 R, 33 D24 D, 18 RSafe D
New York105 D, 43 R, 1 C**, 1 I37 R, 26 DSafe D
North Carolina74 R, 45 D, 1 I34 R, 16 DLean D
North Dakota71 R, 23 D32 R, 15 DSafe R
Ohio65 R, 34 D23 R, 10 DTossup
Oklahoma71 R, 30 D39 R, 9 DSafe R
Oregon35 D, 25 R18 D, 12 RSafe D
Pennsylvania119 R, 84 D31 R, 19 DLean D
Rhode Island62 D, 12 R, 1 I32 D, 5 R, 1 ISafe D
South Carolina78 R, 46 D28 R, 18 DSafe R
South Dakota58 R, 12 D27 R, 8 DSafe R
Tennessee73 R, 26 D28 R, 5 DSafe R
Texas99 R, 50 D, 1 I20 R, 11 DLikely R
Utah63 R, 12 D23 R, 5 D, 1 LLean R
Vermont85 D, 53 R, 6 P***, 6 I18 D, 9 R, 3 P***Safe D
Virginia66 R, 34 D21 R, 19 DLikely D
Washington50 D, 48 R25 R, 24 DSafe D
West Virginia64 R, 36 D18 R, 16 DSafe R
Wisconsin63 R, 36 D19 R, 14 DLean D
Wyoming51 R, 9 D26 R, 4 DSafe R

* Nebraska only has one chamber, which is nonpartisan

** Conservative Party
*** Progressive Party
Resource Links
National Counsel of State Legislators (NCSL)
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC)
Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO)
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Kimberly Scott

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