DemDaily: Status of the States: Opening Up

May 11, 2020

The country is slowly opening up after the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, with stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders being lifted at different rates on a state-by-state basis, despite warnings of health experts say that a second, if not a third wave, is ahead of us.

The United States, now "officially" more than two months into the crisis, and over five months since the Trump administration was first warned of the pending pandemic, is still without a national testing or quarantine program.

State Cases of Coronavirus (Map: New York Times)

Even as cases of infection in the US, now at 1,352,600 and deaths at 81,400, rise, states continue to lift restrictions, under pressure of a devastated economy with now 43.2 Americans out of work or working reduced hours.

Over two-thirds of state Governors have lifted stay-at-home orders and opened businesses at some level, most with public health restrictions such as requiring workers to wear masks and social distancing, but enforcement varies widely. In some cases, despite statewide opening, local counties have enforced their own stricter orders.

Some states, like Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey, all slated to open in the next three weeks, are coordinating their efforts. Other states in the Midwest and West Coast have also formed coalitions to usher in a regional recovery.

Still others, like California, which was the first state to order all residents to stay home, as well as Washington and Oregon, remain on near-full lockdown.

To help our readers, who hail from every state, we have provided an update on the status of each state as to their stay-at-home orders and what aspects of daily life have been reopened, or about to be reopened. Categories may include all or some, but where limited to one component of each, it is noted.


Food and Drink: Restaurants, Dining and Bars
Retail: Retail Stores. Where curbside only, it is noted.
Personal Care: Hair Salons, Barbershops, Nail Salons, Tattoo Parlors and/or Pet Groomers.
Entertainment: Libraries, Theaters, Bowling Alleys, Museums
Worship: Houses of Worship
Industries: Offices, Manufacturing (where noted)
Outdoor and Recreation: Gyms, Pools, Beaches, Campgrounds, Trails, and/or Golf Courses.

Status of the States Reopening

Red: Republican
Blue: Democrat
Stay at Home or Shelter In Place OrderReopened
Expired April 30
Food, Retail, Personal, Outdoor
Expired April 24
Food, Retail, Personal, Entertainment, Outdoor
Expires May 15
Food, Retail, Personal
None, but openings with restrictions as of May 6
Food, Personal, Outdoor
In effect since March 19. Opening TBARetail (curbside), Industries (including manufacturing)
Expired April 26
Retail, Personal, Industries
Expires May 20Outdoor (restricted)
Expires May 31Retail (curbside), Personal
District of Columbia (Mayor)
Expires May 15
Food (curbside), Essential Businesses (restricted), Outdoor
Expired May 4Food, Retail, Outdoor
Expired April 30Food, Personal, Entertainment, Outdoor
Expires May 31Retail, Personal (pet groomers), Outdoor
Expired April 30Worship
Expires May 31
Retail (curbside), Outdoor
Expired May 4Food, Retail, Personal, Entertainment, Worship, Industries (including Manufacturing)
None, but openings with  restrictions as of May 1
Food, Retail, Personal, Entertainment (Libraries), Outdoor
Expired May 3Food, Retail, Worship, Industries
Late May
Personal (pet grooming), Industries (including manufacturing)
Expires May 15
Food, Retail
Expires May 31
Retail, Personal, Outdoor
In effect since March 30. Opening TBAOutdoor
Expires May 18
Expires May 28Retail (curbside), Outdoor, Industries (including manufacturing)
Expires May 17Retail (curbside), Industries (including manufacturing)
Expired April 27Food, Retail, Personal, Outdoor
Expired May 3Food, Retail, Personal, Entertainment, Outdoor

A total of 48 states and DC have ordered or recommended school closures through end of the academic year. Regardless, children in at least nine states and DC have now died of COVID-19 or what appears to be a rare illness linked to the virus called "pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome."

Red: Republican
Blue: Democrat
State at Home or Shelter In Place Order
Expired April 26Food, Retail, Personal, Worship
None, but openings with restrictions as of May 4Food, Personal, Worship
Expired May 9Food, Retail, Personal, Outdoor
New Hampshire
Expires May 31Retail, Personal, Outdoor
New Jersey
June 5Outdoor
New Mexico
Expires May 15Retail, Personal, Outdoor
New York
Expires May 15None
North Carolina
Expires May 22Retail
North Dakota
Expired May 1Food, Personal, Entertainment, Outdoor
Expires May 29Industries (including manufacturing)
None, but openings with restrictions as of April 24Food, Personal, Entertainment, Worship, Outdoor, Industries
In effect since March 23, opening TBAOutdoor
Expires June 4Retail, Outdoor
Puerto Rico
Expires May 25Partial: Retail, Personal, Industries, Outdoor
Rhode Island
Expired May 8Retail, Personal, Outdoor, Industries
South Carolina
Expired May 4Food, Retail, Outdoor
South Dakota
None, but RestrictionsAll, where cases down for 14 days.
Expired April 30Food, Retail, Personal, Outdoor
Expired April 30Food, Retail, Personal, Entertainment, Outdoor
None, but openings with restrictions as of May 1Food, Personal and Outdoor
Expires May 15Industries (including manufacturing), Outdoor
Expires June 10Food (curbside), Essential businesses (restricted), Outdoor
Expires July 12Retail (curbside), Outdoor, Industries (construction)
West Virginia
Expired May 3Food, Personal
Expires May 26Retail (curbside), Personal (pet groomers), Outdoor
None, but openings with restrictions as of May 1Personal, Outdoor

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Source:  NewYorkTimes, The Hill, NPR, CNBC, John Hopkins

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