DemDaily: The 2020 Campaign Calendar Update!

March 8, 2020

As we go into tomorrow's second multi-state primary, an update on key campaign dates on the calendar.

2020 Campaign Calendar Countdown
March 10: Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi and Washington Primaries,
North Dakota Caucus (352 Delegates), Democrats Abroad Global Primary Closes (13 Delegates)
March 14: Northern Marianas Caucus (6 Delegates)
March 15: Eleventh Democratic Primary Debate (Arizona)

March 17: Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio Primaries (577 Delegates)
March 24: Georgia Primaries (105 Delegates)
March 29: Puerto Rico Primary (51 Delegates)
The Eleventh Democratic Primary Debate will take place March 15th in Phoenix, Arizona, and hosted by CNN, Univision and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are expected to be the only candidates to meet the required delegate threshold of at least 20% of all pledged delegates awarded in primary and caucus contests held as of debate day.
April: Twelfth Democratic Primary Debate (TBD)
April 4: Alaska, Hawaii and Louisiana Primaries,
Wyoming County Caucuses (107 Delegates)
April 7: Wisconsin Primaries (84 Delegates)
April 28: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New York,
Pennsylvania and Rhode Island Primaries (663 Delegates)
April 28: Special Elections in Maryland's 7th and 
May 5: Indiana Primaries (82 Delegates)
May 12: Nebraska and West Virginia Primaries (57 Delegates)
May 19: Kentucky and Oregon Primaries (115 Delegates)
Republican State Parties have canceled their 2020 primaries in Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Kansas, Nevada, South Carolina and Virginia. All delegates are expected to be allocated to President Trump.

June 2: D.C., Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico
and South Dakota Primaries (215 Delegates)
June 6: Virgin Islands Caucus (7 Delegares)

July 13-16Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
August 24-27: Republican National Convention in
Charlotte, North Carolina

September 29: First Presidential Debate (Notre Dame, Indiana)
October 7: Vice Presidential Debate (Salt Lake City, Utah)
October 15: Second Presidential Debate (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
October 22: Third Presidential Debate (Nashville, Tennessee)


November 3: 2020 Election Day

January 20, 2021: Adios Trump!

DemList will keep you informed.

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Kimberly Scott

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