DemDaily: The 2020 Presidential Primary Calendar. The Update!

February 27, 2019

The Iowa Caucuses are now less than one year away, and the Democratic field is expanding weekly. DemList will continue to update you on all developments in the presidential contest, including the players and the primaries.

The Calendar
The date and electoral procedure is decided by each state and their respective political parties, in conjunction with the Secretary of State or State Board of Elections.

For Democrats, the purpose of a state primary election or caucus is not to directly elect the presidential nominee, but to determine, based on the percentage of the popular vote received by each candidate, how many representatives he or she is awarded as delegates to the party's national convention. 
The full body of delegates from each state, then, vote to elect their party's nominee at the convention.

The presidential primary schedule is still far from official as a number of states and political parties are still finalizing their primary or caucus dates, or awaiting legal or legislative challenges. There are also a number of traditional caucus states that are switching to the primary system, which is favored by most.

So, to keep our readers informed, we did an extensive download from existing calendars, public resources and individual Secretary of State offices - all with varying information.

Accordingly, several dates are *tentative or undecided, and dates closest to the 2016 schedule may be provided. This is otherwise the most updated 2020 Presidential Primary Calendar available -- as brought to you by DemList.

If you are a state party or election official, please send us updates on your primary process and political election calendar.




DemList will keep you informed.

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Resources: TheGreenPapers, Ballotpedia, Frontloading HQ, State Parties, SecretaryofStates, FEC

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