DemDaily: The DemList Election Calendar is Up!

September 10, 2020

DemList was proud to host the 2020 Convention Calendar and, as a service to our followers, we have launched the DemList 2020 Election Calendar through the presidential election -- now just 54 days from now!

Submit Your Events!

The Calendar features all Biden-Harris fundraising events, and is open to submission and free promotion of other national, state and allied organizing, issue and fundraising events.

How It Works
As always, it is free to submit and promote events to the calendar - but they must be submitted by the hosting entity -- the party, union, organization or company -- for verification purposes. All submissions are proofed and vetted before posting.

DemList takes no pass-thru cost or fee for any events. All contact and inquiries go directly to the event organizers.

The Calendar is accessible to all who signup to follow the DemDaily column, which is followed by party, public and elected officials, progressives, labor, lobbyists, donors, media, celebrities, activists and voters in every state, DC, the territories and by Democrats abroad in over 50 countries.

Our goal is simply to provide a free, trusted and central resource to help promote the presidential campaign, the Party and allied organizations, while educating, informing and engaging the public in the process.

Event Submission Guidelines
Submitted events must meet one of the following criteria:

Official Events: Hosted by the presidential campaign, national, state or local Democratic Party.

Unofficial Events: Hosted by supporting organizations, companies, unions and allies, and may include fundraising, policy forums, conferences, webinars, trainings and other events.

Open: Open to the public, but may be "ticketed," require rsvp or link.

Closed: Invite-only, private event or meeting, requires exclusive link.

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DemList will keep you informed.

Connecting you to The Party
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Kimberly Scott

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