DemDaily: The Departed

April 8, 2019
On Sunday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigned, becoming the tenth member of President Trump's Cabinet to leave the administration.
Then today, in a further purge of the nation's second-largest national security agency, the head of the Secret Service, Randolph "Tex" Alles, was fired, adding to the list of over 100 high-level White House or senior staff departures.
Image: Los Angeles Times
To follow are the most notable of The Departed - by choice or by force, but always with controversy!
The White House Shake Up
(In order of departure)
Resigned, Forced Out
or Fired
US Deputy Attorney General and Acting AGSally YatesFiredJanuary, 2017
National Security AdvisorMichael FlynnResignedFebruary, 2017
National Security Council, Senior Director, Western Hemisphere AffairsCraig DeareFiredFebruary, 2017
US Attorney for the Southern District of New YorkPreet BhararaFiredMarch, 2017
Deputy White House Chief of StaffKatie WalshResignedMarch, 2017
White House Communications DirectorMichael DubkeResignedApril, 2017
FBI DirectorJames ComeyFiredMay, 2017
Deputy National Security AdvisorK.T. McFarlandReassigned/ Forced OutMay, 2017
Office of Government Ethics DirectorWalter SchaubResignedJuly, 2017
Press SecretarySean SpicerResignedJuly, 2017
National Security Council, Middle East AdvisorDerek HarveyFiredJuly, 2017
Deputy Press SecretaryMichael ShortResignedJuly, 2017
White House Chief of StaffReince PriebusResigned/ Forced OutJuly, 2017
White House Communications DirectorAnthony ScaramucciFiredJuly, 2017
Director of White House Office of Public LiaisonGeorge SafakisResignedAugust, 2017
Chief StrategistSteve BannonResigned/ Forced OutAugust, 2017
Deputy Assistant to the PresidentSebastian GorkaResigned/ Forced OutAugust, 2017
Director of Oval Office OperationsKeith SchillerResignedSeptember, 2017
Secretary of Health and Human Services
Tom PriceResigned/ Forced OutSeptember, 2017
Deputy National Security Adviser for StrategyDina PowellResignedDecember, 2017
Director of Communications for the White House Office of Public LiaisonOmarosa Manigault NewmanFiredDecember, 2017
Chief of External Affairs for Corporation for National and Community ServiceCarl HigbieResigned/ Forced OutJanuary, 2018
Director of Centers for Disease Control and PreventionBrenda FitzgeraldResigned/ Forced OutJanuary, 2018
White House Staff SecretaryRob PorterResigned/ Forced OutFebruary, 2018
Associate Attorney GeneralRachel BrandResignedFebruary, 2018
White House Speech WriterDavid SorensenResigned/ Force OutFebruary, 2018
Director of White House National Economic CouncilGary CohnResignedMarch, 2018
President Trump's Personal AideJohn McEnteeResigned/ Forced OutMarch, 2018
Deputy FBI Director and Acting DirectorAndrew McCabeFiredMarch, 2018
White House Deputy Chief of StaffRick DearbornResignedMarch, 2018
National Security AdvisorLt. General H.R. McMasterResignedMarch, 2018
Secretary of Veterans AffairsDavid ShulkinFiredMarch, 2018
White House Communications DirectorHope HicksResignedMarch, 2018
Secretary of StateRex TillersonFiredMarch, 2018
National Security Council SpokesmanMichael AntonResigned/ Forced OutApril, 2018
Homeland Security AdvisorThomas BossertResigned/ Forced OutApril, 2018
Deputy National Security Advisor for StrategyNadia SchadlowResignedApril, 2018
Deputy National Security AdvisorMajor General Ricky WaddellResignedApril, 2018
Deputy Chief of StaffJoseph HaginResignedJune, 2018
EPA AdministratorScott PruittResigned/ Forced OutJuly, 2018
White House CounselDonald McGhanResignedAugust, 2018
U.N. AmbassadorNikki HaleyResignedOctober, 2018
Attorney GeneralJeff SessionsFiredNovember, 2018
White House Chief of StaffJohn KellyResignedDecember, 2018
Chief of Staff to the Vice PresidentNick AyersResignedDecember, 2018
Secretary of the InteriorRyan ZinkeResigned/ Forced OutDecember, 2018
Secretary of DefenseJames MattisResignedDecember, 2018
Principal Deputy Press SecretaryRaj ShawResignedJanuary, 2019
Air Force SecretaryHeather WilsonResignedMarch, 2019
Deputy Chief of Staff for CommunicationsBill ShineResignedMarch, 2019
Administrator of Small Business AdministrationLinda McMahonResignedMarch, 2019
Department of Homeland Security SecretaryKirstjen NielsenResigned/ Forced OutApril, 2019
US Secret Service DirectorRandolph "Tex" AllesFiredApril, 2019
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Source: New York Times

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