DemDaily: The Path To Protest

October 31, 2018

Between now and Election Day, President Donald Trump will travel to eight states for rallies in the final countdown to next Tuesday's midterms. All are states he won in 2016 and where there are competitive congressional or governor's races.

Path To ProtestTrump will travel to Missouri, West Virginia, Montana, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida.  See the key races in the states and where you can make your voice heard!

Trump Schedule October 31st-November 6th
*=Incumbent, CDs=Vulnerable Congressional Districts

When:       Wednesday, October 31st @ 7:00pm ET

An October 26-27 Cygnal Poll shows Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill (D) trailing Josh Hawley (R) by 3%

Where:      Hertz Arena, 11000 Everblades Parkway, Estoro, Florida
Key Races: US Senate: Scott (R) v.*Nelson (D),
Governor:   DeSantis (R) v Gillum (D)
House CDs: 15th, 16th, 26th, 7th

When:        Thursday, November 1st @ 6:30pm CT
Where:       Columbia Regional Airport, Hangar 350
11350 South Airport Drive, Columbia, Missouri
Key Races: US Senate: Hawley (R) v.*McCaskill (D)

When:        Friday, November 2nd @ 4:00pm ET
Where:       Huntington Tri-State Airport, 1449 Airport Road, Hangar 3
Huntington, West Virginia
Key Races: US Senate: Morrisey (R) v.*Manchin (D), House CDs: 3rd

Oct 26-28 Suffolk Poll puts Andrew Gillum (D) 1% ahead of Ron DeSantis (R) in Florida Governor's contest (pic: WLRN)

When:        Friday, November 2nd @ 7:00pm ET
Where:       Southport High School, 971 East Banta Road
Indianapolis, Indiana
Key Races: US Senate: Braun (R) v.*Donnelly (D)

When:        Saturday, November 3rd @ 12:30pm MT
Where:       Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport
225 Aviation Lane, ER-3 Hangar, Belgrade, Montana
Key Races:  US Senate: Rosendale (R) v.*Tester (D)
House CDs: At-Large

Phil Bredesen (D) is running 5% behind Marcia Blackburn (R) in TN Senate (10/23-27 NBC/Marist)


When:        Saturday, November 3rd @ 7:30pm ET
Where:       Pensacola International Airport, 2701 Langley Avenue
Pensacola, Florida


When:        Sunday, November 4th @ 4:00pm ET
Where:       Middle Georgia Regional Airport
100 East Drive, North Hangar, Macon, Georgia
Key Races:  Governor: Kemp (R) v. Abrams (D),
House CDs: 6th, 7th

Cordray (D) leads Renacci (R) 49%-46% on 10/26-28 Emerson Poll (pic:


When:        Sunday, November 4th @ 7:00pm ET
Where:       McKenzie Arena, 720 E 4th Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Key Races:  US Senate: Blackburn (R) v. Bredesen (D), Governor: Lee (R) v. Dean (D)


When:       Monday, November 5th @ 3:00pm ET
Where:      IX Center, 1 I-X Center Drive, Cleveland, Ohio
Key Races: US Senate: Renacci (R) v.*Brown (D),
Governor: Dewine (R) v. Cordrey (D)
House CDs: 1st, 12th


When:        Monday, November 5th @ 6:30pm ET
Where:       Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
4000 Parnell Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana

The Devil is in the House. Happy Halloween!(Image

When:       Monday, November 5th @ 9:00pm CT
Where:     Show Me Center, 1333 N Sprigg Street
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Rundown on the Races


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Sources: Bloomberg, TrumpPenceSite

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