“The List” was originally developed for clients by Democratic political consultant Kimberly Scott as an informal calendar of events for the 2008 Democratic Convention.  The list went viral and quickly became the “go-to”, insiders’ source for Party leaders and watchers through the historic 2009 Inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Due to popular demand, the formally-branded “DemList” Calendar and “DemDaily” Newsletter were launched for the 2012 Presidential, Convention and Inaugural as the trusted, party-promoted source for event information, updates and happenings.

As the undisputed, one-stop shop for all, DemList was referenced in the Los Angeles Times, Politico, National Journal, Huffington Post, The Pittsburg-Post Gazette, Charlotte Observer, Campaigns & Elections and other publications, blogs and media outlets nationwide.

For the 2012 general election, we expanded to campaign, voter education and protection updates. The Calendar featured Obama (OFA) events, voter registration and drives, canvassing and phone banks in targeted states, as well as state-by-state voter reg, early-vote and absentee voting deadlines.

The DemList site profiled the top 25 voting rights, civic engagement and union campaigns, and through our news feed, “Bullies at the Ballot Box,” posted daily articles on voter suppression and intimidation.

Over 10,000 people signed-up for DemList, including national and state Party leaders and staff, delegates, donors, fundraisers, lobbyists, labor, press, celebrities and activists from every state and the territories.

Following the successful re-election of President Obama, DemList served again as the “unofficial-official”  Calendar and daily source for Inaugural participants, donors, media and followers nationwide.

DemList 2.0

After a two-year hiatus, DemList is now re-launching as a permanent daily resource.