“The List” was originally developed for clients by Democratic political consultant Kimberly Scott as an informal calendar of events for the 2008 Democratic Convention.  The list  was passed on and, after going viral, quickly became the “go-to”, insiders’ source for Party leaders and watchers through the historic 2009 Inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Due to popular demand, the formally-branded “DemList” Calendar and “DemDaily” political column were launched for the 2012 Presidential and Convention, and the 2013 Inaugural of President Barack Obama as the trusted, DNC-recommended source for event information, updates and happenings.

DemList re-launched in 2015 as a daily resource, and served again as the 2016 Democratic Convention Committee’s recommended source, the central site for 2017 Alternative Inaugural events and a partner of the Women’s March on Washington.

DemList now serves as a daily political column, followed by self-subscribed users, activists, national and state Party leaders, delegates, donors, fundraisers, lobbyists, labor, press, celebrities and activists from every state, the territories and by Democrats Abroad in over 20 countries.

In addition to the daily updates on the issues, the politics and the players, DemList has kept its readers informed on all developments in the presidential contest and primary schedule, and will also serve as home to the 2020 Democratic Convention Calendar.

DemList has been recommended by the Democratic National Committee, DNCC, ASDC, DGA, DMO, AFLCIO and state Democratic parties, and has been recognized in the LA Times, Politico, National Journal, Huffington Post, Campaigns & Elections Magazine, The Hill, NPR and numerous other publications, blogs and media outlets.